AGS Inc | eBART Hillcrest Parking Lot
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eBART Hillcrest Parking Lot

The firm was contracted to BART to provide final plans, specifications and cost estimate for a new 1,000 stall parking lot and 1,900-lf of access road near Hillcrest Avenue in Antioch. The proposed improvements encompassed the construction of the BART parking lot on a 200-acre site and a City of Antioch public roadway (Slatten Ranch Road). The project included design of civil, landscape, structural and lighting facilities. The project was designed in compliance with BART Facility Standards, ADA accessibility guidelines, and RWQCB and C.3 requirements (Storm Water Control Plan and SWPPP). The project incorporated sustainable practices including renewable energy with a 1.96 MW carport photovoltaic system, LED lighting, storm water infiltration and detention, and drought-tolerant landscaping. The firm also coordinated with Caltrans regarding the interchange design, roadway alignment, permitting, and SWPPP.

Transportation Infrastructure
BART, civil engineer, Storm Water Control Plan, SWPPP