AGS Inc | SFO Terminal 3 East Improvements
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SFO Terminal 3 East Improvements

The proposed project involved the addition of approximately 40,000 SF to the existing T3 between Boarding Area E and Boarding Area F to provide space for expanded security checkpoints and related structures and associated apron improvements. The project configuration included development of new security checkpoints, ticket counters, concessions, and associated areas.

AGS was responsible for utility relocation, paving, grading, and geotechnical engineering for 40,000 square feet of building addition and renovations at San Francisco International Airport to improve customer experience for travelers at Terminal 3. AGS conducted a geotechnical study for the proposed project. The AGS report included geotechnical engineering conclusions and recommendations related to subsurface conditions, geoseismic hazards, earthwork, dewatering, shoring, foundations, resistance to lateral loads, pavement design, and construction monitoring for the proposed project. The conclusions and recommendations were based on the available data from the previous geotechnical investigations for the site vicinity, available geologic information for the area, and subsurface conditions encountered during an AGS field exploration.

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