AGS Inc | SFO Terminal 2 Renovations
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SFO Terminal 2 Renovations

In 2008, SFO embarked on a $383 million project to renovate Terminal 2 into a state-of-the-art domestic terminal. The proposed project involved renovations to Terminal 2 and Boarding Area D to convert the former ten gate international terminal to a fourteen gate domestic terminal. The project covered approximately 640,000 sqft, including 30,793 sqft of retail development.

AGS was tasked to conduct a geotechnical study. The firm submitted a report which included geotechnical engineering conclusions and recommendations related to subsurface conditions, geoseismic hazards, earthwork, dewatering, shoring, foundations, lateral earth pressures, resistance to lateral loads and construction monitoring for the proposed project. The report addressed the following: a summary of the site subsurface soil and groundwater conditions; local geologic conditions; faults and seismicity; seismic design considerations; a discussion of geoseismic hazards including liquefaction potential; recommendations for excavations and earthwork operations including sub grade preparation, fill and backfill criteria, and temporary excavations; recommendations for shoring design and construction; dewatering during construction; evaluation of the existing foundation capacities; geotechnical design recommendations for the new foundations.

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