AGS Inc | Phase 1 – Housing project in Mission Bay
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Phase 1 – Housing project in Mission Bay

Mission Bay is one of the most significant urban development projects in San Francisco. Sponsored by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and Catellus Development Group, Mission Bay set a new standard for innovative urban planning.

For the first phase of housing at Mission Bay, AGS performed field exploration, laboratory testing, engineering analyses, and prepared a geotechnical report which presented the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the study. Tasks performed as part of the study included characterization of engineering properties of the fill  materials, a settlement estimate, and evaluation of static and seismic stability of existing fill slopes adjacent to a channel. Particular emphasis was made to assess the seismic performance of the slopes and to estimate lateral deformations during a significant earthquake.

The project involved construction of two to four residential building units at a site underlain by landfill materials and soft Bay Mud soils. The proposed construction consists of 541 housing units.

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Bay Mud Soils, engineering analysis, field exploration, geotechnical report, laboratory testing