AGS Inc | Pier 70 Crane Cove Park
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Pier 70 Crane Cove Park

Crane Cove is set to be one of the most celebrated new parks in the City. It is uniquely located within an eligible National Register Historic District at Pier 70 and adjacent to the Port’s large and active ship repair yard. The project includes preservation of the historic ship building slipway and two historic cranes.

AGS provided geotechnical, civil, and structural engineering services. The project was divided into four phases: 1) Park Master Plan; 2) Schematic Design; 3) Detailed Design; and 4) Construction Bid and Design Administration Support Services. AGS conducted a geotechnical study to assess the magnitude of the seismicity-induced deformations and their effects on the proposed development. During Phase 1 of the project, AGS performed limited field exploration, and developed preliminary geotechnical engineering conclusions and recommendations for design and construction of the proposed project. The Phase II geotechnical study was performed to finalize subsurface characterization and development of the site-specific geotechnical parameters for final design of the project elements. AGS also managed the surveying and bathymetry consultants. AGS prepared monthly progress reports and maintained consistent communication in order to meet project goals and deadlines.

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