SFO PMSS Fire House No. 3 & South Field Checkpoint Relocation

This Project will relocate the existing SFO Fire House No. 3 (FH3) and South Field Checkpoint (SFCP) within the Airport’s South Field area. The existing FH3 is a one story facility which includes six (6) apparatus bays. Complexities of the new location include adjacency to active taxiways and blast fences and a smaller footprint on which to build the new facility, therefore, two story construction may be necessary. The new facility must reapportion space to meet diverse staffing needs, specifically updated female to male ratios. FH3 access to both landside and the airfield is essential. SFCP serves as an entry/exit to and from the Airfield Operations Area from South McDonnell Road mainly for ground service, cargo and construction traffic. The proposed new location is directly adjacent to South McDonnell Road and appropriate techniques must be implemented to ensure steady traffic flow on this main thoroughfare. All new facilities will be upgraded to satisfy current building codes, sustainability requirements, and Airport design standards. This Project will utilize a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) delivery method.


San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Program Management Support Services (PMSS), Fire House No. 3 and South Field Checkpoint Relocation Project, San Francisco, CA.


San Francisco, CA

San Francisco International Airport