Civil Engineering for Treasure Island Community Development

AGS, as a joint venture partner, was responsible for providing civil engineering services for major infrastructure improvements for the 465-acre Treasure Island Project. The scope included mapping, master plans, planning documents, infrastructure applications and preparation demolition, rough grading, utility relocation and infrastructure improvement plans. Improvements plans included streets and utilities, causeway improvements, gravity utility pump stations, sewer force main, BMP, shoreline improvements, outfalls, transportation, parks and open space, joint trench, conform, and AWCS coordination.

AGS is performing civil engineering and construction documentation for Phase 1 of the Treasure Island Community Development project. The scope of service includes 4 blocks of new residential, commercial, and retail development. AGS is responsible for the design of the new public infrastructure including streets, utilities, grading, drainage, and parks. The site will be raised approximately 4 feet to accommodate future / sea level rise. A geotechnical stabilization program will be undertaken to prevent long term settlement and seismic liquefaction on the site. AGS is also designing the road and utility improvements for the causeway which connects Treasure Island to Yerba Buena Island.

Civil Engineering

San Francisco, CA

465 Acres

Treasure Island Community Development